Workshop Sessions


1. Pre-conference workshop title: Exploring the key role of Field Epidemiology in Emergency Preparedness and Response

Organization: PHE - Public Health England

Summary Concept: The proposed aim of this workshop is to explore Nigeria’s capacity and capability to coordinate and support the national and state response to an outbreak of an infectious disease. The workshop will be based upon the response to a fictional outbreak of Ebola (VHF); in order to challenge public health response. With the ongoing ‘live’ outbreak in DRC, the messaging must be clear that the workshop is part of Nigeria’s ongoing preparedness.

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2. Pre-conference workshop title: Building a Sustainable Biosafety/Biosecurity Program: Plans, Pitfalls and Possibilities

Organization: DTRA – Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Summary Concept:This is a one-day workshop to present and discuss best practices in planning the path to a sustainable Biosafety and Biosecurity program. Participants will discuss the elements of a Biosafety and Biosecurity program, its implementation at National and State levels, approaches to identifying and securing extremely dangerous pathogens, the roles of different organizations and coordination between them, training programs and training needs and the role of an informed public health constituency in prioritizing Biosafety and Biosecurity.

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1. Pre-conference workshop title: Emergency Medical Teams Concept: Strategies for implementation in Nigeria

Organisation: West Africa Health Organisation (WAHO)

Summary Concept: This workshop is an opportunity to discuss the Emergency Medical Team (EMT) initiative. Functional EMTs are important part of the health workforce, augmenting and strengthening the clinical management capacities of rapid response teams for effective and timely public health response.The goal of this workshop is to increase awareness and advance outbreak oriented EMTs establishment in Nigeria. In addition, there will be experience sharing from other West African countries and an opportunity to network.

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2. AMR surveillance and diagnostic stewardship: training on sepsis identification and blood culturee

Organization: bioMérieux

Enhancing partnership between clinicians, nurses and laboratory teams to improve practices and patient outcomes, through training on sepsis identification and blood culture.

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3. Pre-conference workshop title: the future of data management in Nigeria.

Organization: eHealth Africa/EHA Clinics

Summary Concept: eHealth Africa (eHA) leverages efficient data management systems and processes to support and build stronger health systems in Africa. eHA has developed tools, programs, and systems that leverage and ensure efficient data management systems. This session will focus on eHealth Africa’s (eHA) work with various government agencies, notably within the public health sector and the tools and processes. There will also be a presentation on the use of various open-source tools for analytics and in creating dashboards for decision-making. Finally, EHA Clinics’ will introduce its community health (REACH), program that involves nurses equipped with on the spot mobile devices that are capable of gathering and transmitting medical data.

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1. Pre-conference workshop title: The Epidemic That Never Was - Using Timely Detection and Response as an Impact Metric

Organization: RSTL – Resolve To Save Lives

Summary Concept: Nigeria has made progress on implementing the International Health Regulations (2005) capacities since the Joint External Evaluation was conducted in 2017. However, the strength of a system to prevent, detect, and respond to public health threats can only be measured by events that did not occur. In an effort to measure the strength of surveillance and response systems, timeliness metrics were developed and agreed to in 2018 at the Salzburg Global Seminar. These measures can help identify successful outbreak responses, as well as enabling factors. The goal of this workshop is to learn from outbreaks that were detected and responded to quickly, including their timelines, and identify successful enablers that can be integrated into national and state-wide planning efforts.

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2. Pre-conference workshop title: Specimen Collection, Referral and Transport in Nigeria

Organization: JICA – Japanese International Cooperation Agency

Summary Concept: The joint external evaluation (JEE) of Nigeria’s International Health Regulations (IHR) core capacity conducted in 2017, refocused public health practitioner’s attention to the challenges of specimen referral and transportation within the Nigerian health system. This challenge has now been prioritized across relevant sectors as it aids in prompt detection, response and prevention of diseases. In furtherance to this collaboration, NCDC and JICA through this workshop, provides a forum for experts and stakeholder an opportunity to share operational information with fellow practitioners, discuss successes and challenges and propose opportunities for sustainable integration.

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3. Pre-conference workshop title: Leadership and management skill building workshop.

Organization: Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Summary Concept: As part of its strategic support to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is organising this workshop to strengthen leadership and management skills in public health. This is an opportunity to recognise different leadership, learning styles and personality profiles, as well as allowing participants to obtain management skills such as communication, courage, change management, handling conflict. This workshop is ideal for those hoping to progress in their current place of work and looking to effectively lead team of their own. Participants will leave with a broader understanding of the functions of leadership and management.

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